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Millions of Years in the Making: Celatom Brights for Paint & Coatings

Posted by Julie Brown

Apr 28, 2017 10:49:40 AM


This week's blog post comes to us from The Cary Blog. Thanks to The Cary Company for featuring our Celatom Brights paint & coatings products in this special post.

What are the most important factors in choosing products for the paint and coatings industry? In a recent customer survey, high quality and the ability to meet “spec” consistently ranked as the highest in customer responses. EP Minerals’ uses unique ore deposits, from the Aulacoseira Granulata diatoms of ten million years ago, for the diatomaceous earth (DE) in their paint and coatings products. The production process produces more consistent product performance, which means that you’ll spend less time on quality control issues.

EP Minerals’ portfolio of bright white diatomaceous earth (DE) products are called Celatom Brights. This line of products is produced exclusively for the paint and coatings industry – high-efficiency materials for matting, texture, and rheology. The Celatom Brights product line includes a variety of flux-calcined DE products and a unique natural DE product. They’re lower density, which gives you more performance with less additive. They improve TiOspacing. Oh, and did we mention? They’re really bright white.

Advantages of Celatom Brights diatomaceous earth products:

  • Lower density than competing products, so you need less product
  • Superior opacity and flatting
  • Superior 60° and 85° gloss control
  • Less porosity, more stain resistant
  • High brightness
  • Uniform diatom distribution

EP Minerals’ natural virtually CS free DE product:

CelaFlat+™ (also known as LCS-3), a high efficiency and performance DE. It’s a unique, matting additive that has many benefits that include:

  • You’ll use 9% less by weight as compared to the leading competitive products. You can gain more performance with less additive in your paint formulations with CelaFlat+.
  • The product has less than reportable crystalline silica levels, which means more time for business and less time on regulatory issues.
  • It exhibits superior opacity and flatting efficiency and exhibits superior 85° sheen control.
  • It has less porosity, which means more stain resistance.
  • This product improves TiO2 spacing, so you can use 5-10% less TiO2 and save more money on your paint formulation.

Our flux-calcined Celatom DE products:

DE is not just a “filler” but a multi-functional mineral additive that can improve the overall performance of paint or coatings. In addition to the gloss and sheen control, DE also:

  • Provides titanium dioxide (TiO2) extension
  • Controls solvent release and open time
  • Controls polish or burnish
  • Helps control viscosity and shelf stability
  • Resists cracking
  • Provides consistent touch-up performance

Learn more about Celatom Brights products and their opacifying and matting capabilities. Check out the Celatom Brights product brochure.

Contact EP Minerals or The Cary Company to learn more. Oh, and don’t forget your sunglasses – it’s bright white out!

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Prevent Mites in Chickens Using EP Minerals'  DEsect Diatomaceous Earth

Posted by Julie Brown

Apr 21, 2017 9:05:43 AM


Check out any feed store or farm & ranch store right now to get your dose of cute – baby chicks! It’s pretty darn tempting to bring a few home and become a backyard farmer. Why not? Many chicken keepers swear by organic diatomaceous earth (DE) like EP Minerals’ DEsect® to keep chicks from getting mites. Mites are bad! They chew up the poor little chickens and suck their blood. DEsect to the rescue!

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BASF to sell its Bleaching Clay, Mineral Adsorbents Business to EP Minerals

Posted by Julie Brown

Apr 7, 2017 9:11:07 AM


industries shot.jpg

BASF announced today that it has signed an agreement to sell its Bleaching Clay and Mineral Adsorbents businesses to EP Minerals, a worldwide leader in industrial minerals. The transaction includes a production site and clay mining property in Mississippi, and mineral rights sublease associated with a mine in Arizona.

“We’re excited about this opportunity to acquire the Bleaching Clay and Mineral Adsorbents business from BASF,” said EP Minerals President and CEO Gregg Jones. “It’s a strategic move to strengthen our portfolio of industrial minerals and position EP Minerals for future growth and innovation.”

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Diatomaceous earth filtration vs. membrane filters for brewing

Posted by Julie Brown

Mar 30, 2017 8:36:01 AM


Today there's a lot of talk about beer filter systems and the pros and cons of using diatomaceous earth (DE) versus membrane filter systems. As a DE producer, we're very pro-DE, no surprise, but the FAQs below tell the story of why.

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EP Minerals Launches CelaPool Low Dust Diatomaceous Earth Swim Pool Filter Powder

Posted by Julie Brown

Mar 7, 2017 1:52:57 PM

super pool.png

Picture this. A hot, sunny day. A perfectly clear swimming pool. A drink with an umbrella in your hand. Does it get any better than that? Well, maybe it does.

We've known for decades that diatomaceous earth (DE) swim pool filter powder produces the clearest, sparkling clean pools. But that powdery DE has also been known for being messy and hard to handle. That can put a damper on pool care. Who wants to clean up powdery white stuff around your beautiful swimming pool? Well, we took that problem to heart, and guess what? Problem solved! Our R&D team put on their super smart innovation hats and, voila - EP Minerals now has a patent-pending LOW DUST diatomaceous earth filter powder - CelaPool!

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EP Minerals Gives Back with Infield Conditioner Donations

Posted by Julie Brown

Mar 3, 2017 10:39:00 AM


At EP Minerals, we all embrace our EP Gives Back community giving program. We’re committed to helping families in need and especially kids, in the communities where we operate our offices, plants and mines – all around the world.

We also provide product donations in our local communities. We’ve donated kitty litter to our local shelters like the SPCA in Northern Nevada and absorbents to help with flooding issues like the West Virginia Flood Disaster Relief, as well as to many other organizations. But this time of year, it’s all about baseball, softball and donating infield conditioner!

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EP Minerals' Floor-Dry is #1 Absorbent At the Racetrack

Posted by Julie Brown

Feb 23, 2017 1:24:06 PM

-larry 3.jpg EP Minerals' Global Technical Services Director Larry Galberd uses Floor-Dry Absorbent to clean up fuel spills at the racetrack

With the Daytona 500 this weekend and NASCAR fever heating up, it's time to check in on our resident racecar driver, Larry Galberd! EP Minerals' Floor-Dry, the #1 absorbent for the racetrack, is one of Larry's sponsors. 

If you'll recall from a previous blog post,  EP Minerals’ Global Technical Services Director Larry Galberd leads a double life. By day, Larry could be anywhere in the world helping EP Minerals’ diatomaceous earth or perlite filtration customers optimize their filtration processes and solve problems. By night and on weekends (and any other chance he gets) Larry is driving hell bent for leather at 140 mph for his Blew-By-You race car team in the ChumpCar Racing Series. Larry and his team are “sponsored” (I use that term loosely) by EP Minerals’ Floor-Dry absorbent, the #1 automobile oil spill cleanup product that can be found at all the major auto supply stores today.

Go Larry! And keep promoting our #1 absorbent at the racetrack - Floor-Dry!

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National Drink Wine Day, President’s Day & Diatomaceous Earth Filter Aid

Posted by Julie Brown

Feb 17, 2017 11:38:39 AM


You know it’s going to be a good weekend when:

It’s a three-day weekend, and, Saturday, February 18th is National Drink Wine Day.

Seriously, does it get any better than that?

The purpose of National Drink Wine Day is to spread the love and health benefits of wine.  Wine has played an important role in history, religion, and relationships.  We embrace the positive benefits of wine such as new friends, reduced risk of heart disease and the enhancement of food and life. This from

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Groundhog Day News: Punxsutawney Phil Uses Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas!

Posted by Julie Brown

Feb 1, 2017 4:06:28 PM

 groundhog day.jpgPunxsutawney Phil, Chief Spokesanimal for Groundhog Day

Dateline: Gobbler's Knob, PA. Everyone's holding their breath to see what the world's most famous groundhog predicts. Will he see his shadow? Will we really have six more weeks of winter? After our record rains and snows this January, those of us on the west coast are hoping for an overcast day! But, what do you think Phil is hoping for? Alfalfa and berries are his favorite foods. And he's looking for more diatomaceous earth (DE) to help control fleas. Lots of nasty bugs in those burrows. I've heard he's looking for a non-toxic DE insecticide with no man made chemicals that kills fleas. Hey, we have a product like that!

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Ten more reasons why diatomaceous earth is good for the soil & animal care

Posted by Julie Brown

Jan 27, 2017 10:57:20 AM


There are so many uses and applications for diatomaceous earth (DE) all around the world today. One of the main uses for DE is a filter media for wine, beer, juice, oil, and swimming pools. Another main use for diatomaceous earth is as a functional additive for paint & coatings.  Then there's DE as an insecticide, animal feed, soil amendment, absorbent, seed coating and in fertilizer. The applications for DE are endless. In this post from Quantum Agriculture, Australia, Alan Johnstone covers what DE is and key uses for soil and animal care. The Aussie vernacular makes this post even more interesting.

Diatomaceous Earth consists of the fossilized remains of millions of microscopic single cell plants called diatoms which were deposited millions of years ago on the beds of oceans and lakes. Its uses in agriculture are many. It is a useful addition to compost heaps and the soil because it is a once living form of silica and has high paramagnetism. It stimulates healthy growth of plant root systems. It conditions the soil by making silica available to plants, improving cation exchange capacity, soil conductivity, and helps the soil to retain water. It is advised that a calcium source (hydrated lime, agricultural lime or gypsum) be added at the same time so that the calcium and cations can occupy the sites left by aluminum which is bounded by the soluble silica.

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