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Dreaming of a White Christmas? You Need Bright White Celatom Brights for Paint & Coatings

Posted by Julie Brown

Dec 6, 2018 1:44:09 PM


That bright white snow doesn't have anything on our Celatom BrightsTM  functional additives! They're the brightest white diatomaceous earth (DE) and perlite products available, and perfect for the paint & coatings industry. Celatom Brights, EP Minerals' line of functional additives, are engineered just for paint and coatings. We've designed these high-efficiency materials for matting, texture and rheology. Our Celatom Brights product line includes flux-calcined DE, natural DE products without detectable crystalline silica (CS), perlite, cellulose and polyethylene (PE) thixotropes.

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Topics: Functional Additives, TiO2, paint & coatings, matting, flatting, rheology, opacity


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