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Nevada teachers learn about 10-million-year-old diatomaceous earth fossils

Posted by Julie Brown

Sep 26, 2019 9:19:55 AM

IMG_0821  Nothern Nevada teachers collecting stickleback fish fossils

For years, EP Minerals, a U.S. Silica company, has hosted the annual Nevada Mining Association's teachers workshop, touring our Clark plant and mine. This past year, 55 Northern Nevada teachers got the incredible experience of touring our plant, a historical lecture on diatomaceous earth (DE), and a mine tour, where they got to take as many DE rocks as they could carry with them to share with their students. It's always a fun group and the teachers are genuinely excited about taking what they learn back to their classes.  

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Cinco de Mayo, tequila filtration & DE filter aid

Posted by Julie Brown

May 2, 2019 12:14:16 PM

tequila shots

Thanks to Emily Bell and VinePair for the tequila information.

Happy almost Cinco de Mayo! So you know that our diatomaceous earth filter aid filters the world's best beers, wines, whiskeys, brandy, sakes and a host of other alcoholic beverages, right? What about the world's largest producer of tequila? Yep, bingo. DE filters tequila, too. It's a great week to celebrate this made-in-Mexico drink, and learn a little about diatomaceous earth filtration and tequila.

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