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Baseball Playoffs, Great Infield Conditioners, Drying Agents & Mound Clays

Posted by Julie Brown

Oct 19, 2017 11:28:13 AM

(cubs.png Joe Maddon ejected for arguing a foul ball call in Wednesday's Dodgers-Cubs game (Photo: Jim Young, JUSA TODAY Sports)

So what's it going to be tonight? The Cubs & Dodgers showdown or Thursday Night Football? It's all about playoff baseball at my house, just to keep the peace.  The Dodgers are carrying a lot of momentum into tonight's game, even with last nights' loss. There are a lot of Cubs, Dodgers (and Indians) fans here at EP Minerals, along with several disgruntled San Francisco Giants' fans (the Dodgers' arch enemy)--leading to quite a bit of smack talk.

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