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Postseason Baseball Playoffs, Infield Conditioners, Drying Agents & Mound Clays

Posted by Julie Brown

Oct 5, 2018 10:46:07 AM

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So who is it going to be today? It's baseball mania with so many games to choose from: Brewers vs. Rockies, Dodgers vs. Braves, NY vs. Boston, and Indians vs. Astros.

The Dodgers are carrying a lot of momentum into tonight's game, with "living god" Clayton Kershaw (thank you Frankie Ingram) pitching.tBrewer Christian Yelich is sure showing MVP talent. Huge rivalry game with NY and Red Sox. And, the Verlander v Kluber matchup should be exciting. There's a LOT of Dodger fans here at EP Minerals, along with several disgruntled SF Giants' and Angels fans - leading to lots of smack talk. Our inside sales team is such big Dodger fans that they even painted their office Dodger blue! It's a bit much. (This from a Nats fan!)

But, there isn't any smack talk about our Groundskeeper's Choice baseball infield conditioners and products!  Only a lot of endorsements for our complete line of 100% natural, high-performance super calcined clay solutions.

23748583-baseball-on-the-infield-dirt-with-room-for-copyEP Minerals' BallGame Changer Infield Conditioner

We absolutely love to see our BallGame Changer and PlayBall! products in action on those MLB, minor league, college and high school baseball and softball infields- because our infield products can make such improvements in moisture control, performance, and safety. Check out the stats:

  • 3 out of 4 colleges in the NCAA finals use BallGame Changer and PlayBall! products
  • 13 out of 14 SEC schools use BallGame Changer and PlayBall!
  • It's on the infields for 8 MLB teams and 14 minor league teams

We’re sure getting some rave reviews on our infield conditioner products from happy customers.

“Thank you for introducing us to BallGame Changer infield conditioner and tell you that I think it is most appropriately named. We found that during the hottest part of our season that we spent less time watering our infield on a daily basis, and our water retention was vastly improved. I will also tell you that we played the last three game of the playoffs her under cloudy, cool and rainy conditions and we never missed a beat. The field was phenomenal and according to feedback from umpires and opposing coaches our playing surface was the best in the league at seasons end! Thanks again for all your help and please keep the game changer coming!!" -Monty Sowell,  Midland Texas RockHounds (Double A affiliate for the Oakland A’s)

“Our field remained moist for a longer period of time, and we are using less water! The field looks great and is easy to work with” -Cesar Carbajal, team leader, USC Baseball

“BallGame Changer is awesome.” -Marty Wallace, Jackson General’s (Double-A Affiliate of the Seattle Mariners)

“These specially designed products have been successfully performance-tested at major league, minor league, college, and high school fields around the U.S. with excellent results. BallGame Changer and the PlayBall! products keep your infields safe with better traction, and your infield remains more playable because they do a great job of controlling moisture,” said EP Minerals’ Vice President Jeff Kitchens.

“BallGame Changer with KT3 is a revolutionary clay infield conditioner,” said Kitchens. “KT3 is a surface technology that changes how the BallGame Changer product interacts with water. You can apply the normal amount of water and conditioner with BallGame Changer as you use today and maintain a higher moisture level for nine innings, reducing dust and additional maintenance factors,” he added.

PlayBall! comes in a drying agent, mound clay, and conditioner. All of the Groundskeeper’s Choice infield products are designed to last longer, reduce dust and water usage, and provide better traction for safer playability.

Learn more about Play Ball! infield conditioner

Batter up! Let’s get ready for some baseball!

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