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What's up with EP Minerals new perlite plant in Blair, Nebraska?

Posted by Julie Brown

Apr 2, 2014 3:30:00 PM

Blair_plant  EP Minerals perlite plant in Blair, NE

Blair,  Nebraska. Population: About 8,000. Close to Omaha, the Iowa border, the Missouri river and lots and lots of corn. Why did we open a new plant there?

A few weeks ago, we opened up our new perlite filtration media plant in Blair, Nebraska. Blair is a hotbed of processing activity with companies like Cargill, Novozymes, NatureWorks and Evonik. Plus, it's a great midwestern locations for EP Minerals to serve nearby customers and markets.

“We’re very excited to open this new Blair perlite plant to service our customers in Nebraska and throughout the Midwest,” said Gregg Jones, president of EP Minerals. “Blair is the perfect location because of our close proximity to key customers and markets,” added Jones.

Perlite is a naturally-occurring volcanic glass that has entrapped moisture, and when subjected to rapid and intense heat, expands to form perlite filtration media.

EP Minerals’ perlite filter aids are recognized for their light density, extremely low float, high purity, and high filtration efficiency. Perlite is used in a wide variety of filtration applications including water, pharmaceuticals, food, wine, and other beverages. Perlite is also used in construction, landscaping, and biofuel production.

The EP Minerals Blair plant is located at 450 Industrial Park Drive in Blair, NE. For more information on Perlite and its unique filtration characteristics, visit

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