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U.S. Silica Launches Solar Reflecting Roof Technology with White Armor® Cool Roof Granules

Posted by Julie Brown

May 8, 2019 11:22:36 AM


Earlier this week, we announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office had issued US Patent 10253493, entitled “Particulates having high total solar reflectance.” The patent covers solar reflective particulate composition used for U.S. Silica’s White Armor® Cool Roof Granules. White Armor durable white granules reflect the sun’s heat instead of absorbing heat and transferring it to the building below. Customer results indicate that at least 70% of solar heat is reflected with White Armor Cool Roof Granules featuring the patented particulate composition.

“We’re very excited about our unique White Armor roofing product and the new patent on the solar reflective technology,” said J.P. Blanchard, SVP and President, U.S. Silica Performance Materials.  “This is another example of U.S. Silica’s commitment to product innovation and new products,” he said, adding, “White Armor reflects the sun’s energy, benefiting the environment through lower energy consumption and generates substantial overall savings because there is less need for air conditioning,” he added. “The market for cool roofs is growing internationally and here in the U.S., as more cool roof guidelines and regulations are put in place,” said Blanchard.

Proprietary Bitumen (Asphalt) Roofing Application Provides 70% Sun Reflection

White Armor is the highest solar reflecting granular product solution available today for bitumen (asphalt) roofing. The granules are white throughout, offering maximum reflectivity, and providing unique energy saving roofing. U.S. Silica plans to manufacture the White Armor Cool Roof Granule product at its newest industrial manufacturing plant in Millen, GA, purchased in December 2018.

The Millen plant has been retooled to efficiently produce the White Armor product. White Armor granules are applied to bitumen (asphalt) rolls and mineral cap top sheets to produce a multi-layered roof system that reflects heat, repels water and is long lasting.  Whiter and brighter than most other granules on the market, White Armor cool roof granules outperform other cool roofing options:
It's highly reflective – The white color runs throughout the granules to reflect solar rays instead of transferring heat into the building (meets LEED requirements for 70+% reflectivity)

It's durable – modified bitumen roofs with White Armor cool roof granules stand up to weathering and the weight of maintenance personnel for a long, reliable service life

It's fast and easy to install– roofs with White Armor high reflectance granules are installed the same as modified bitumen roofs

It's environmentally responsible – high reflectance roofs help reduce urban heat island effect in urban settings

For more information on U.S. Silica’s White Armor Cool Roof Granules, visit

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