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Almost summer! Time for a sparkling clear swim pool with diatomaceous earth filter powder

Posted by Julie Brown

May 30, 2019 3:40:18 PM


Only a few weeks until the first day of summer! It’s supposed to be 90 and sunny. You know what that means? Time to spend a lot of time in the swimming pool! 

There’s nothing more inviting on a hot sunny day than a beautiful, crystal clear swimming pool. But how does it get that way?

The answer: Diatomaceous earth!

Diatomaceous earth (DE) got its big break in Hollywood during the 1930’s while in production of the very popular Esther Williams’ “aqua musicals” swim-based movies. During production, the pool water where filming was taking place continuously needed to be replaced due to the tendency of the water to get cloudy, making the film cuts unacceptable. The studios enlisted the help of local engineers, who developed the first commercial swim pool filter. Following much experimentation with known and accepted technologies, they finally selected DE as the ideal media to keep the water sparkling clear, suitable for underwater filming.

Pool builders quickly caught on to diatomaceous earth swim pool filtration as an essential tool to keep commercial and residential pools consistently sparkling clear. The beautiful pool images created demand and gave way to the rapid growth and popularity of the residential swim pool industry. DE filtration has been an integral part of this great American lifestyle luxury--the back yard pool!

Filtering your swimming pool water with diatomaceous earth (DE) gives you water that really sparkles.  That’s because DE removes the tiniest of contaminants – particles as small as five microns (an average grain of sand is 1,000 microns!). Even though these particles can’t be seen individually, collectively they greatly affect pool water clarity. 

Under a microscope, DE looks like a collection of tiny sponges. And just like a sponge, water can pass through, but microscopic impurities like dirt, algae, and some forms of bacteria can’t.

Designs and features in today’s pools highlight the beauty of the water itself with fountains and lights. This trend has heightened the need for brilliant water clarity to showcase these new features day and night. An illuminated pool at night will either show your pool’s brilliant water clarity or highlight the deficiencies in your filter system by reflecting light on particles not visible during the daylight. DE will consistently provide a crystal clear pool. Cartridge filters can’t meet the level of brilliant clarity that DE can.

Have you heard about CelaPool DE filter media? It's a revolutionary new low dust diatomaceous earth (DE) filter aid.  CelaPool is an exclusive patent-pending DE filter powder product that contains EP Minerals’ Celatom DE, the number one choice of swim pool professionals. CelaPool's unique low dust formula makes for easy handling and less mess. See the CelaPool video here: New Low Dust CelaPool

CelaPool swimming pool filter powder comes in a leak-proof thermally sealed plastic bag, for cleaner handling and storage. It's available in two different sizes: 6 lb, and 24 lb.

Learn more about CelaPool at, or talk to your local swim pool sales representative.

Have a great summer and fun in the pool! 

 Learn more about CelaPool

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