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National Pet Day and the Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide

Posted by Julie Brown

Apr 11, 2018 11:17:24 AM

Lisa_N_dogsOdin and Vali Nilsson

Happy National Pet Day! Here at EP Minerals, we are big animal lovers, and many of us own dogs, cats, horses and a myriad of other pets, and consider them part of the family. We’re sure you probably do, too! And we want to keep them as happy and healthy as possible. That means keeping them bug-free.

In Nevada, we’re lucky to be high enough in elevation that we don’t have problems with fleas or ticks on our pets. It’s simply too high for those pests. But in lower elevations across the US, we know that fleas and ticks are a huge problem. We do have problems with ants, spiders, flies and other pests though, and diatomaceous earth works on those pests, too. More and more, we hear that pet owners are looking for more natural ways to keep their pets pest-free. Our OMRI-listed (Organic) diatomaceous earth insecticide, DEsect, is an excellent bug fighting solution to keep your pets insect free. What you need to know:

What is Diatomaceous Earth (DE)?

DE is a fine flour-like powder, the microscopic remains of fossilized diatoms from millions of years ago. It’s a type of algae, and we mine and manufacture it from the high-quality deposits we have here at our Nevada mines.

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EP Naturals™ DEsect® is an insecticide produced from a special grade of fresh-water diatomaceous earth (DE) and is a highly effective insect control solution. DEsect is registered as a pesticide by the US EPA and is made from a special DE ore deposit which kills insects faster than competing brands of DE, according to testing by an independent entomology laboratory.

How Diatomaceous Earth Works to Kill Fleas and Other Insects

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Fleas and other insects with an exoskeleton (hard shell) are susceptible to the glass-sharp edges of the microscopic DE, or diatoms. The silica shards cut through the waxy exoskeleton surface, effectively drying out the insect, resulting in death to the bugs and their larvae. There is no built-up immunity as there is with chemical insecticides. DEsect does not break down as chemicals do, and the more it is used, the more insects feel unwelcome in the area.

DEsect for Pets & Livestock

It’s effective against fleas, mites, ticks, lice, ants, spiders, and many other pests for use on pets, poultry, and other livestock. Perfect insecticide for homes, farms, and ranches, and it's easy to use.

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Just dust the animals with the DE and lightly work the material into their hair or provide a box or loose bag of it for animals to roll in or rub against to dust themselves. Dust the ears of the animal with care. Dust the animal's bedding and areas where the animal sleeps, as well as cracks and crevices adjacent to them. Repeat once a month or as necessary. For confined animals infested with fleas and ticks, dust the entire area with DEsect.

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Hope you have a great National Pet Day celebrating with your pet. Give them a special treat and a hug from us and keep them bug free!

 To Learn More About DEsect Click Here

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