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EP Minerals Hosts Geological Society of Nevada at Diatomaceous Earth Mine

Posted by Julie Brown

May 26, 2015 4:41:00 PM


Last week, EP Minerals toured members of the Geological Society of Nevada’s 2015 Reno Symposium at our Hazen diatomaceous earth (DE) mine. Our goal was to educate the GSN members about our unique industrial mineral, DE, and to encourage them to educate others. Their goal was to find stickleback fish fossils from millions of years ago that are found in the DE ore.

The Geological Society of Nevada (GSN) is a non-profit scientific society whose principal mission is to promote the advancement of the geological sciences, especially as they relate to Nevada. The society encourages the dissemination of scientific and practical knowledge through semiformal presentations, field trips and symposia as well as by publishing the literature resulting from these activities.


GSN organizes two field trips annually, providing an opportunity for members to learn about the geology and ore deposits of Nevada and surrounding areas. Each of these field trips is documented in a special publication which provides detailed technical reports, road logs, maps and photos for the areas visited.


For more information on the million year old fossils at our Hazen mine, check out this blog post:

For more information on the Geological Society of Nevada, visit

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