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BallGame Changer Infield Conditioner Reduces Water by 50% at Reno Aces

Posted by Julie Brown

Mar 18, 2016 2:59:00 PM

We’ve got a fan! The Reno Aces, our local AAA affiliate for the Arizona Diamondbacks, is a big fan of EP Minerals’ BallGame Changer premium infield conditioner. According to Head Groundskeeper Eric Blanton, the product is reducing the team’s infield and warning track water usage by 50% and saving them a lot of work.

Recently, Gary Smith, EP Minerals’ Western Regional Sales Manager, interviewed Reno Aces Eric Blanton about BallGame Changer. “The number one benefit of BallGame Changer is water savings. It’s in the 40-50% percent savings range, so that in turn saves us money, and we’re doing less work because we’re not watering all the time,” said Blanton, head groundskeeper for the Arizona Diamondbacks affiliate AAA team. “With this climate, it’s very dry and windy, especially in the summer, and we need an infield conditioner product that looks great, performs and one that we can use to keep the dust down. We use BallGame Changer in the infield and on the warning track. We used to water every day. Now we only water a few times a week,” said Blanton.

“The coaches and the players love the color, and notice that the product keeps the moisture on the field,” said Blanton.

EP Minerals’ Smith echoed “the Reno Aces are just one of several MLB and minor league teams that use our infield conditioners, and BallGame Changer specifically. We hear great things about our infield products from those teams, as well as the many university and high school teams that are using our products. Over and over we hear about how the products reduce water usage, keep the dust down and keep players safe and throughout the whole game.”

“BallGame Changer is a relatively new clay product, and it’s revolutionary,” said Smith. “It has a special KT3 surface technology that changes how the BallGame Changer product interacts with water. You can apply the normal amount of water and conditioner with BallGame Changer as you use today and maintain a higher moisture level for nine innings, reducing dust and additional maintenance factors,” Smith added.

We're certainly looking forward to the Reno Aces opening day on April 7 against the El Paso Chihuahuas - and seeing our BallGame Changer infield conditioner on the field. Go Aces - we're all fans!

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