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DEsect: The most amazing diatomaceous earth insecticide

Posted by Julie Brown

Feb 24, 2015 4:31:00 PM


When you think of diatomaceous earth (DE) and its uses around the world today, you usually think of filtration - for beer, wine, juices or swimming pools. But DE is an incredible mineral. It's used in hundreds of different industries and applications - paint, pharmaceuticals, edible oils, oil & gas and biomaterials. But who would think that it makes an amazingly effective insecticide?

DEsect is made from a special grade of fresh-water DE, mined from a very unique source that has shown to be more effective than any other DE insecticide product on the market today for killing insects. Independent studies show that DEsect is clearly better for insect control. When insects come in contact with DEsect, it absorbs their protective wax coating and their bodies are damaged by the sharp edges of the particles. DEsect also absorbs the insect's body fluids and they soon die by dehydration.

What's even more amazing about DEsect DE is how malleable it is.

DEsect can be used for grain storage, on animals, poultry and livestock, and all around the farm, home, and garden. DEsect is registered as a pesticide by the US EPA, and can be used in commercial farming, on crops and around food processing areas. DEsect also meets all US requirements for use in organic production and gardening.

So, all you little bugs out there, you better watch out for those prehistoric diatoms that make up this DE insecticide.

To learn more about DEsect, visit or talk to your salesperson or distributor today. 


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