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Heat Drives Low Dust Diatomaceous Earth Swim Pool Filter Aid Orders

Posted by Julie Brown

Sep 19, 2016 2:10:05 PM

pool.png CelaPool low dust swim pool filter aid creates a sparkling clear and clean pool

It's still summer! Or at least it feels like it in many parts of the US. We're trying to get as much swim pool time in as we can before the weather turns. That means you'll need more of EP Minerals' CelaPool, the revolutionary new low dust diatomaceous earth (DE) filter aid for the swimming pool industry. CelaPool is an exclusive patent-pending product that contains EP Minerals’ Celatom DE, the number one choice of swim pool professionals. CelaPool is a unique low dust formulation, making for easy handling and less mess. See the CelaPool video here: New Low Dust CelaPool

“For years, we listened to swim pool professionals tell us that they thought our swim pool diatomaceous earth filter aid was the best on the market, but that they wanted an easy to handle package with less dust," said Brad Humphreys, EP Minerals’ CelaPool product manager. “Now we have a low dust product in a new package, and swim pool pros couldn't be happier. There’s nothing else like CelaPool on the market today,” Humphreys added.

CelaPool comes in a newly designed, leak-proof thermally sealed plastic bag, for cleaner handling and storage. It's available in two different sizes: a handy 6 lb. size and 24 lb. “Not only did we develop a low dust product, we’ve created a better package for it with the thermally sealed bags. And because they are plastic, they hold up great in wet areas like around a swimming pool,” said Humphreys.

Learn more about CelaPool at  For large industrial orders of CelaPool, please contact EP Minerals. For small home size CelaPool packages, please contact Pro-Terra, our online sales distributor at or on Amazon: CelaPool low dust swim pool filter aid

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