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Blood fractionation, green tea and diatomaceous earth?

Posted by Julie Brown

May 22, 2014 9:33:00 AM


Pure, bright, exceptional quality. It's what our customers use to describe our high purity, acid washed diatomaceous earth (DE) filter aid product, PurifiDE. PurifiDE is the product that's ideal for the most demanding applications where traceability and purity are required, from blood fractionation to green tea. It's the product that's used in many health care filtration applications including bioprocessing, biologicals and pharmaceuticals to do amazing things - cell separation, chromatography, removal of contaminating host cell DNA, as well as clarification of toxoid broths for vaccine manufacturing and oral liquid pharmaceuticals. PurifiDE is also the DE filter aid of choice in the production of high end liquor, sake and green tea.

Purifide has been mined and uniquely processed to provide customers with our highest quality, inert filter media. Like all of our DE, PurifiDE is made from diatoms, the single celled aquatic plants that build their unique skeletons through the filtration of silica from water. These diatoms are naturally occurring microfilters, ideal for filtration of gummy, viscous and difficult to filter solutions. High purity, acid washed DE is widely accepted due to its ability to efficiently filter particulates out of solution down to 0.2 microns, providing maximum clarity with little to no impact on the filtrate qualities. In addition, this product does not generate heat during the filtration process,  which is important to prevent denaturation of proteins and to protect the stability of the filtrate.

Using a special process, PurifiDE is dropped from the filters, disposed of and filter elements are thoroughly cleaned between batches (unless it's process where the filter aid needs to be saved.)  After this cleaning process, fresh media is once again added to provide the users with confidence that the filters are sanitary and the quality is protected. All PurifiDE grades are produced according to ISO (ISO.9001.2008) standards to provide our customers with the traceability needed to meet their certification needs. Through special processing we are able to reduce trace unwanted elements present in our standard food grade products to significantly lower levels, ensuring the integrity of our customer products and processes.

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