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The Top Five Reasons Diatomaceous Earth is #1 for the Farm

Posted by Julie Brown

Mar 2, 2016 3:20:00 PM

 baby_goats-1 Baby goats Tommy and Rosamund like diatomaceous earth

I love goats. Especially baby goats. They’re smart and funny. They’ll jump on to anything. And my neighbor just bought two adorable dwarf pygmy goats: Tommy and Rosamund (so named by his five-year-old, Emma). The sheep that they did have are now on their way to becoming Easter lamb dinner. Mmmm. Hope you’re a meat eater.

With all the horses, dogs, goats, chickens, cats, donkeys and llamas in our neighborhood, we’re all using a lot of diatomaceous earth. Why? Here are the top reasons why diatomaceous earth is great for the farm.

DE solution #1: DE is a great drying agent. We spread it around to dry things up. Voila – in a few hours, the mud and wet spots are dry, and I can take off my “Wellie” boots.

DE solution #2: Use DE in pens, coops, stalls and houses as an absorbent and freshener. Chickens are really messy. I have horses, clean my barn twice a day and spread DE to keep things dry and the stalls fresh. But chickens are messier than my horses! You’re going to need a bunch of DE for farm cleanup if you have chickens.

DE solution #3: DE, and more specifically, our product DEsect, kills bugs. This many animals draws a lot of bugs. Flies, spiders, mites and something weird in the grain. DEsect is an organic, non-toxic and chemical-free insecticide, and you don’t have to worry about using it around animals, or in grain storage. Another DE product, our NaturalDE AFA, can be mixed in at 2% into grain – it serves as an anti-caking agent, which is really helpful with feed that has molasses in it and clumps up.

DE solution #4: Chickens think DE is fun! I’d heard this, but I hadn’t seen it for myself. I put down some DEsect, and the chickens said, “ooh – bath time!” They couldn’t get enough of flopping around in the DE to give themselves dust baths. It must have felt good to them. We have a lot of research that proves that DE controls mites in chickens. Maybe they know that.

I do like getting fresh eggs every day. There’s nothing like the taste of farm fresh eggs. But the shells on these eggs were pretty thin, and some would break as I carried them home. DE solution #4: Feeding DE to your chickens makes the shells of their eggs harder and thicker.

DE solution #5: DE and manure make for great gardening. When you clean up around your barn, you’ve got great material for your garden. The DE mixed in with the manure from the barn animals, makes for great soil material for your garden or compost.

We were out talking to the neighbors about all the critters last night. They want a get a calf. I’m thinking a potbelly pig might be a fun addition! Learn more about DE for the farm:

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