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The Top Uses for Diatomaceous Earth on the Farm

Posted by Julie Brown

Sep 27, 2016 11:19:42 AM

  My neighbor's sheep happily eating alfalfa.

I’ve been taking care of my neighbor’s farm for the last ten days while they’ve been on vacation. I guess they figure that a barn girl can become a farm girl for a few days. My charges: sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, bunnies and ducks. Here’s what I learned:

  • Sheep aren’t very smart. And that’s the understatement of the year.
  • Roosters are mean.
  • My husband wants to adopt a turkey as a pet. I think “Turkey Lurkey” would make a great Thanksgiving meal.
  • I like the dwarf goats best. They play on a "goat jungle gym" and are hilarious.

Turkey Lurkey waits for food.

  • Most importantly, these people need some diatomaceous earth on the farm!

It rained a lot the week my neighbors left on vacation, and I was up to my ankles in mud taking care of the animals. DE solution #1: DE is a great drying agent. I dragged down a bag of DE and spread it around to dry things up. Voila – in a few hours it was much more manageable, and I didn’t have to wear my “Wellie” boots.

Chickens are really messy. I have horses, clean my barn twice a day and spread DE to keep things dry and the stalls fresh. How could these 12 chickens make more of a mess than my horses? And why do the bad roosters keep trying to peck me and jump on my back? Hello! I am here to feed you! DE solution #2: Use DE in pens, coops & houses as an absorbent and freshener.

Chickens love DE

This many animals draws a lot of bugs. Flies, spiders, mites and something weird in the grain. DE solution #3: DE, specifically our product diatomaceous earth product DEsect, kills bugs. It’s organic with no man-made chemicals, and you don’t have to worry about using it around animals. Another DE product, our NaturalDE AFA, can be mixed in at 2% into grain – it serves as an anti-caking agent, which is really helpful with feed that has molasses in it and clumps up.

Chickens love DE! I’d heard this, but I hadn’t seen it for myself. I put down some DE, and the chickens said, “oohhh – bath time!” They couldn’t get enough of flopping around in the DE to give themselves dust baths. It must have felt good to them. We have a lot of research that shows that DE controls mites in chickens. Maybe they know that.

I do like getting the fresh eggs every day. There’s nothing like the taste of farm fresh eggs. But the shells on these eggs were pretty thin, and some would break as I carried them home. DE solution #4: Feeding DE to your chickens makes the shells of their eggs harder and thicker.

Our neighbors come home tomorrow, and I’m happy to go back to being just barn girl.

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